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23 de janeiro de 2012


(segue cópia da mensagem enviada em 23/01/2012 à rede internacional AVAAZ.org)


Jan. 22, 2012 was a bloody day at São José dos Campos, in Brazil: state police raided the neighborhood Pinheirinho and expelled thousands of its residents, to comply with an injunction that gave suspected repossession of all land to a dummy corporation owned by Naji Nahas, internationally known criminal millionaire.
Dozens of workers were arrested and dozens were injured in violent confrontation with state police. The death toll is undetermined so far.
Even with the agreement of the corporation's lawyers and the federal government to accept the suspension of the police operation, the mayor of the city and the governor Alckmin allowed the continuity of the police violence - a violence that is well documented by the population in several YouTube videos.
We urge authorities and people all around the world to unite their voices to ours and claim for justice, respecting the human rights of the poor people of Pinheirinho, at São José dos Campos, Brazil.
We will press for president Roussef to take all necessary steps to identify and punish the guilty for this unacceptable massacre.

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  1. Com certeza, precisamos pressionar as autoridades a responder pelo atos praticados.